Where to Hunt in the Wild

Last year, I took some time to think about the comic book retail market within Northern Ireland. Although we are a relatively small country, our capital, Belfast, has at least four comic book shops, with various others scattered across the country.

A short drive down south to the likes of Dublin would uncover a few more, however I have yet to make that trip for the sake of comics!

But once you have gotten used to the local shops and their wares, where else is there to go? In the United States, places like Half Price Books, Garage Sales, Goodwill and occasional Antique shops can be gold mines for comic books, but where would I go looking to score some books from an unwanted collection?

Unfortunately, present day Covid-19 rules has me missing the days of getting out there and looking for good finds, however for the best part of last year, I would spend weekends hitting up local Car Boot Sales and Outdoor Markets, use my lunch breaks during the week to check out Charity Shops within the city, or if working from home, slightly further afield.

Throughout my searches, I have found comic books for sale however have purchased very few. I will highlight some of purchases across other blog posts in the future, but I have come across a wide variety of books, like beat up comics of Spawn #28, old UK reprints featuring the classic Judo Master and a Charlton Comics Space War #34 from 1959 that to this day I still regret not buying (fantastic art by Steve Ditko!)

Hopefully, it won’t be long before the hunt can continue out in the wild, but until then, electronic coming hunting will have to do!

Places to Hunt (success not guaranteed!);

⦁ Charity Shops
⦁ Car Boot Sales
⦁ Variety Markets
⦁ Independent Toy Shops

Let me know in the comments below of any other great places to search for comics, especially within the United Kingdom or any hot books you have found searching outside of the normal spots!

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