What Should I Collect?

I have seen it countless times on various forums and reddit posts, “I’m new to comic collecting, what should I collect?” It’s a difficult one to answer however in my opinion, it is always the same answer;

Collect what makes you happy.

I’ve been “new” to comic collecting approximately three times in my lifespan. Life sometimes has a way to take you away from your hobbies, and as such I have found myself returning to comic collecting a few times. When I started, in the early 90’s, the comic boom was at it’s peak, and nearly ready to burst. Everything was foil covered, collectors edition, first issue gold! It’s safe to say I was suckered in to it, purchasing the likes of X-Men 2099, Fury of Shield etc. (although, I have to be honest, I do like foil covers!)

Although these books sit at the far end of a long box, they still have a place in my collection. These days, with my most recent return to comic collecting, and continued search for that great comic deal, I aim to purely collect what makes me happy. What I want to read. Series I want to own. Artists whom work I adore.

For example, I recently got back in to the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I was dusting off my comic collection, I had a grand total of four issues of the original Mirage run that I had purchased sporadically in the 90’s. This has now spurred me on to continue this series and actively collect each issue from the first run. Once I complete the run (and I am getting closer each day!) I am going binge read the whole series… don’t panic, I don’t own an first print issue one quite yet, but that fifth print is calling out to be read!

As cliched as it sounds, collect what your heart tells you to collect. If you’re in it to turn a quick buck, good luck to you and I hope it works out! If you are a speculator looking for that next hot book, again, good luck!

But to me, the most important reason to collect is to enjoy the books. Enjoy the story and art, enjoy the thrill of owning a fifty year old comic that has classic art work from the legends of the past! Have fun with it, folks.

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