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Mystery Box – Unboxing #5

Comic Deal have returned to the pack of five comics from Silver Acre Comics and Collectables. I think this is a fairly inexpensive way to bulk up the comic collection while landing a few minor keys. Will the trend of decent finds continue or will it all come to an end? Will I land some

Mail Bag – Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1

Comic collecting comes in many forms, and as previously pointed out, collecting what makes I love is definitely one of my favourite ways to approach the hobby. Nothing makes me happier than picking up a book from a lesser known franchise, one that has spawned cartoon series, video games, countless reprints etc. A franchise that

What Should I Collect?

I have seen it countless times on various forums and reddit posts, “I’m new to comic collecting, what should I collect?” It’s a difficult one to answer however in my opinion, it is always the same answer; Collect what makes you happy. I’ve been “new” to comic collecting approximately three times in my lifespan. Life