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Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #20

Two £15 mystery boxes unboxed for your viewing pleasure and to celebrate twenty unboxings on the channel!! Let’s take a look at the value based on current sales data from UK and USA on eBay! Marvel X-Force #4 (Spider-Villains Variant)No sales data available. The Avengers #8 (Cosmic Ghost Rider Vs Variant)CGC 9.8s have sold for

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #13

PROs It’s a birthday present.This was a gift from my wife. CONs It’s the thirteenth mystery box unboxing on the channel.This is from a random eBay seller I haven’t seen before. Most importantly, this is always going to be a good Comic Deal however let’s take a look and see! Marvel Squadron Supreme : Hyperion

Mystery Box – Unboxing #12

Unboxing an eBay mystery box that guarantees a CGC Graded book, one silver age issue and three bronze to modern books! What could go wrong? Additionally, check out Lee from Retro Cave Comics who recently unboxed a mystery box from the same seller! Some nice CGC and silver age titles to grab. Always nice to

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #11

Aside from receiving eleven books instead of ten, there didn’t immediately appear to be any “wins”. But that is just my thought, let’s take a look at each book below! DC Justice League Spectacular #1 This book was in the worst condition by far. An unattached staple and a tear along the cover fold. This