Sunday Speculation Station – September 20th

A new week once again encroaches upon us. Let’s take a look at my top five picks for the week ahead!

Week Commencing 21st September

  1. Immortal She-Hulk #1 – Marvel Comics
    I am a She-Hulk fan so this one shot had to take the top spot. Al Ewing gives She-Hulk the immortal treatment after the fall out from Empyre.
  2. Flash #762 – D.C Comics
    The final part of the Finish Line story and the regular cover is both brutal and beautiful all in one!
  3. Canto II The Hollow Men #2 – IDW Publishing
    The second series of the lovable Canto continues!
  4. Venom #28 – Marvel Comics
    The popularity and readability of Venom continues thanks to Donny Cates at the helm.
  5. Dark Nights Death Metal Speed Metal #1 – D.C Comics
    Another Dark Nights Death Metal standalone tie-in this time featuring a team of Dark Night speedsters!

Comic Deal Variant Cover of the Week

The weekly prize is awarded to…

Juggernaut #1 (Skottie Young Variant)

Juggernaut #1 – Skottie Young Variant

I’m not a Skottie Young’s “baby” variant mega fan but some of them are priceless! As a massive fan of Juggernaut, I had to pre-order this one as soon as I seen it!!

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