Sunday Speculation Station – 9th August

Welcome to the second sojourn to the Sunday speculation station.

Last week, we highlighted some hot hot books, with the likes of Thor #4 second printing skyrocketing in value based on recent eBay sales data.

Let’s take a look at the week ahead!

Remember – this is based purely on my own speculative thoughts and by no means a definitive guide on comic value!

Week Commencing 10th August

  1. Seven Secrets #1 – BOOM! Studios
    A brand new series by writer Tom Taylor kicks off, recommended for fans of recent hot books – Once & Future and Undiscovered Country.
  2. Dark Knights Death Metal #3 – D.C Comics
    More detail is revealed about the Darkest Knight!
  3. Detective Comics #1025 – D.C Comics
    A tie in to the continuing Joker War event that is shaking up the Batman universe!
  4. Empyre #5 – Marvel Comics
    Although last weeks “death” was more of a “character reshuffle”, the weekly event carries on, this week revealing a marriage between two characters!
  5. Venom #27
    All things Venom seem to be heating up and with the recent announcement of the King in Black event come December and the buzz on previous issues around Virus and Knull, this may hold some value.

Comic Deal Variant Cover of the Week

This weeks Variant Cover of the Week goes to –

Seven Secrets #1 (Justine Frany Variant)

Seven Secrets #1 Justine Frany Exclusive Variant | Slab City Comics
Variant Cover of the Week – Seven Secrets #1 Justine Frany Variant

Who doesn’t love a beautiful homage cover. Justine Frany knocks this one out of the park with an homage to Akira – probably one of the only anime movies I have ever seen.

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