Sunday Speculation Station – 30th August

And just like that, the next comic book release day will be in September. Which works for this wonder alliteration – the Sunday Speculation Station September edition!

As always, this is based purely on my own speculative thoughts and by no means a definitive guide on comic value!

Week Commencing 31st August

  1. Empyre #6 (of 6) – Marvel Comics
    The final issue of the Empyre mini-series. What state will it leave the Marvel Universe?!
  2. Batman #98 – (Jimenez Variant) – D.C Comics
    Another entry in the Joker War saga and another hot character cover – this time – Catwoman.
  3. We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #1 – BOOM! Studios
    A new sci-fi epic from superstar writer Al Ewing!
  4. Black Widow #1 (Jones Hidden Variant) – Marvel Comics
    Another new series for Black Widow on the run up to the release of the stand-a-lone movie. This hidden variant is already rising in price on eBay.
  5. Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1 – Marvel Comics
    Off the back of the current Thor run, the corpse of Galactus reaches Earth – carrying a zombie like virus!

Comic Deal Variant Cover of the Week

The weekly prize is awarded to…

Empyre #6 – Mike Mignola Variant

Variant Cover of the Week – Empire #6 – Mike Mignola Variant

Classic Mike Mignola take on the Fantastic Four! Beautiful!

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