Sunday Speculation Station – 16th August

It’s time to dip our toes in to the speculation fountain and see what is coming up for the week ahead.

As always, this is based purely on my own speculative thoughts and by no means a definitive guide on comic value!

Week Commencing 17th August

  1. Thor #6
    The Black Winter appearance really shot the value of previous issues through the rough and #6 isn’t looking much different. Pre-orders are already on eBay for upwards of £10.
  2. Maestro #1 – Marvel Comics
    Peter David returns to the world of his Future Imperfect story and reunites readers with the popular far-future version of The Hulk!
  3. Batman #97 (Mattina Variant) – D.C Comics
    The Joker War rages on and so does the hot variant by Francesco Mattina!
  4. Once & Future #10 – BOOM! Studios
    I have only just jumped on the Once & Future hype train but love the series so far and Kieron Gillen is ramping things up with this tenth issue!
  5. Power Rangers : Drakkon – New Dawn #1 – Boom! Studios
    Another new Power Rangers mini-series launches this week after the well received Ranger Slayer.

Comic Deal Variant Cover of the Week

The weekly prize is awarded to…

Wolverine # 4 (Patrick Gleason variant)

Variant Cover of the Week – Wolverine #4 Patrick Gleason variant.

I have always been a big fan of Omega Red since the 90’s X-Men series so it’s great to see him grace a fantastic cover such as this!

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