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Week Commencing 7th December

December is now in full swing and some of the biggest titles of the year are delivering. JJ Abrams panned Spider-Man run finally drops issue five and a new anthology title, Batman Black and White lands from D.C Comics.

However, without a doubt, this weeks pick has to go a second issue title of one of the coolest concepts I’ve read this year!

Crossover #2

I loved Crossover #1 so much, I put together a live YouTube discussion show, Crossing Over with Comic Deal. I am completely hyped for issue two and I am looking forward to what direction Crossover is going to take!

Crossover #2

I will be doing a follow up show for Crossover #2 on my YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out! If you love Crossover as well, and want to come on the show, drop me a message!

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