Pick of the Week

Week commencing 2nd November.

Pick of the Week

And so another month passes and we are in the penultimate calendar month of the year. There some big events over the next couple of months from the big publishers.. will they hit a pic of the week!?

Let’s look at the week ahead, though, and see…

Crossover #1

This is being hailed as a massive “event” type book from Image Comics, going as far as claiming Crossover will have a Watchmen level impact. I highly doubt that but it is written by Donny Cates who can seemingly do no wrong at the moment. Crossover is illustrated by a regular collaborator of Cate’s in Geoff Shaw.

As with most books these days, Crossover also comes with a wide choice of variants, and if i had to chose one, it would be the Ryan Ottley 1:50 retailer variant, with a direct homage to Walking Dead #1.

However, the regular cover is still face meltingly good. Definitely worth checking this book out!

Regular Crossover #1 cover.

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