Pick of the Week

Week Commencing 25th January

Another week begins in January and another week of DC Future State issues and Marvel’s King in Black tie ins hit the shelves.

Looking further afield for this weeks top pick, I’ve settle on a new title from Scout Comics…

Sweet Downfall #1

Sweet Dowmfall #1

Jonny is an old-model crash test dummy who’s been repurposed as a hitman for the Don Vito Coriaci of sprawling ocean bound city-state Santa Clara City. Jonny loyal and follows orders to the T, until his latest mission – when he’s tasked with bringing in a mermaid, a delicacy with healing properties When Johnny falls in love with the mermaid and decides to save her, the chase is on through crumbling skyscrapers and colossal cyber-angel statues – in a hailstorm of lead, breathtaking pursuits, and Mexican standoffs.

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