Mail Bag – The Incredible Hulk #172

During one of my mail bag openings on the YouTube channel, I cracked open a low grade mini-grail of mine, Incredible Hulk #127. I have always been a huge fan of Juggernaut as a character, in all his iterations (yes, even Vinnie Jones..) so when the chance came up to purchase the closest thing I

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #5

Unfortunately, not a return to form with the latest unboxing from Silver Acre, which is always the risk. Not an awful lot to break down or look deeper in to, with basically every book having a Comic Book Realm estimation of $3, which seems to be a standard, slightly over original retail, estimation. In reality,

Mystery Box – Unboxing #5

Comic Deal have returned to the pack of five comics from Silver Acre Comics and Collectables. I think this is a fairly inexpensive way to bulk up the comic collection while landing a few minor keys. Will the trend of decent finds continue or will it all come to an end? Will I land some

Mail Bag – Cyborg Gerbils #1

I am a firm believer in making comic collecting fun and pleasurable. It can be an expensive hobby, so making sure you are having fun, enjoying your comics and being pleased with your purchases is paramount. Today, I received Trigon Comics Cyborg Gerbils #1. A lesser known British title that came out of the black

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #4

A slight change to the previous two unboxings, I have returned to an older seller I had purchased from before for this unboxing – Contrast Comics. This truly is mystery grab bag with absolutely no indication on what you will receive, except the possibility to land a few high valued keys and CGC Graded books.

Mystery Box – Unboxing #4

Another mystery box to dive in to, this time from eBay seller Contrast Comics. The eBay listing states the comics you could possibly land in your grab bag, including silver age issues and major keys such as Hulk #181 etc. and could include slabbed CGC books as well as signed comics. Will I unbox any

Mystery Box – Unboxing #3

Another mystery box from Silver Acre Comics arrived, and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. For relatively inexpensive mystery boxes, I quite enjoy the contents to add to my comic collection, but do they make for a good Comic Deal? The joys of comic collecting through mystery boxes! I still have a few more

Mail Bag – Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1

Comic collecting comes in many forms, and as previously pointed out, collecting what makes I love is definitely one of my favourite ways to approach the hobby. Nothing makes me happier than picking up a book from a lesser known franchise, one that has spawned cartoon series, video games, countless reprints etc. A franchise that