Mystery Boxes

With the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, still adhering to Covid-19 lock-down rules, actual comic hunting has been a rarity. Not being able to get out there, in to the wild, and hunt down some comic deals has left me with my old friend, eBay.

I am no stranger to buying the occasional mystery box or mystery bag of comics from the internet, and have had mixed results, however the thrill of finding a diamond in the rough has led me once again to purchase a few more.

Over the next few weeks, I will purchase and record “unboxing” videos of the hauls so we can all experience the ecstasy of finding that classic key book or, and probably the more likely scenario, a bunch of pound / dollar bin fillers I would have no use for!

Unfortunately, from what I have found in my preliminary searches, the whole “mystery box” scene does not have as many online sellers in the UK as in the states so it is going to be an experiment at first.

I will be sure to note the sellers in the video and in the video description so if any do catch your eye, you know where to go. If you come across any interesting finds, be sure to post here and let everyone know.

Any leads on good mystery boxes from UK sellers would also be greatly appreciated!

And who knows, if I find a nice mystery box I like, and provides some interesting reads, then it may become a more frequent part of the site.

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