Miles Morales!

Comic Deal’s foray in to the Miles Morales spec bubble!

The current trend in comic collecting values ties very closely to other media; movie releases, video games etc.

One of the hottest characters right now is Miles Morales. All kinds of key books featuring Miles are really heating up. One look at the current value of Ultimate Fallout #4 (first appearance) this year tells you all you need to know – raw books selling for over $100 and 9.8 CGC books selling for over $1,000!

Look back at 2019’s sales figures and you can see the book has doubled or even tripled in value.

Who is Miles Morales?

Miles Morales took over the mantle of Spider-Man in the Marvel Ultimate Comics universe. Bitten by radio-active spider that his uncle had unknowingly stolen from Oscorp, Miles gained similar powers to his realities version of Spider-Man.

When Spider-Man was killed by the Green Goblin, Miles took over the role and launched the title Ultimate Comics : Spider-Man.

Into The Spider-Verse

Since then, the character has appeared as Spider-Man in the highly rated Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse movie and has been announced in the upcoming Sony PS5 title Spider-Man : Miles Morales. Additionally, the character has appeared in the animated Spider-Man cartoon from Disney.

Eventually, with the destruction of the Ultimate Comics universe, Miles as Spider-Man made his way to the regular Marvel Universe (Earth 616) and has been a regular feature in the franchise since.

What to Buy?!

If you can afford to get the likes of Ultimate Fallout #4, then grab it. With the PS5 title still looming and a Into The Spider-Verse sequel, the potential for further growth is still there.

But we here at Comic Deal prefer to keep to a strict budget! Here a few titles that are still relatively easy to buy!

  1. Ultimate Comics : Spider-Man #2
    3rd appearance of Miles.
  2. Spider-Men #1
    First meeting of Peter Parker and Miles Morales.
  3. Spider-Men II #1
    First appearance of Earth-616 Miles Morales.
  4. Miles Morales Spider-Man #0
    Halloween ComicFest 2019 reprint of Ultimate Fallout #4.

Just yesterday I received a small job lot of ten comics I had purchased on eBay. The photo in the listing included Spider-Men #1 although I wasn’t sure if this was just used for “illustrative” purposes.

Thankfully, the title was in mix and I only spent £6.50 on the whole lot. Spider-Men #1 is estimated at about $10. After a tip from a friend, Spider-Men II #1 will be next on the list.

Spider-Men #1 – getting on the Miles Morales hype train – the Comic Deal way!

Side note – the package arrived in a normal large envelope with no padding and no boarding. It was also ripped in several places. I had recorded a rather amusing video about the packaging alongside the “unboxing” but it fried by SD Card and was lost forever!

Get on that Miles Morales hype train before it’s too late!

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