Mail Bag – X-Men #1 (1991)

When you think about what comic book EVERYONE is going to have in their collection, books like X-Force #1, X-Men #1 etc. always spring to mind.

Ironically, I have neither – or rather, had neither. As of last week, I officially purchased two copies of the hottest book from 1991, X-Men #1.

X-Men #1 – Magneto wants your money.

Launched as a spin-off from Uncanny X-Men and pencilled by Jim Lee co-written by Chris Claremont and Lee, X-Men #1 became the best selling comic book issue of all time. As of July 1999, it is estimated X-Men #1 has sold over 8.1 million copies.

To put that in to perspective, as per website Statista, the next best selling single issue is 2015’s Marvel Star Wars #1 re-launch with an estimated sales figure of just over 1 million copies.

X-Men #1 was launched with a whooping five variant covers which largely contributed to the successful sales figures. Four of the variants joined together to form a tetraptych featuring the majority of the characters. The fith variant combined the other four in to a gate fold cover.

X-Men #1 – two of the five variant covers.

It wasn’t all roses for the new series, which ended up running for ten years. After just three issues, legendary Uncanny X-Men writer Chris Claremont left the title due to creative issues with editor Bob Harras handling of the plotting between himself and Lee.

Jim Lee himself then left the title after eleven issues, leaving Marvel Comics altogether to form Image Comics.

There is no denying that Jim Lee created some beautiful art for the series, although in my opinion, his style at the time can be quite busy – always a lot going on in each panel.

However, the dynamic poses and expressiveness Lee is able to inject in to the characters is definitely the mark of a great comic book artist.

X-Men #1 – Wolvering and Psylocke in action.

Good Comic Deal

Long thought to be rejected to the classic comic shop dollar bin, most sources such as Comic Book Realm and Key Collector App have these issues in mid to high grade between $2 to $6, with the gatefold variant slightly higher.

However, there is no doubt you can still pick these up for much less. As alluded to in the video, I was already purchasing a few books from an eBay seller who had these two X-Men #1’s for sale, starting bid 99p and no bidders. Being a fan, I had no excuse not to buy them! As such, I hereby proclaim these to be a Good Comic Deal!

Finally, and most importantly if for whatever reason you ever wondered what an X-Men pool party looked like, the Magneto variant reveals all.

X-Men #1 – Mutants love the summer!

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