Mail Bag – The Incredible Hulk #172

During one of my mail bag openings on the YouTube channel, I cracked open a low grade mini-grail of mine, Incredible Hulk #127.

I have always been a huge fan of Juggernaut as a character, in all his iterations (yes, even Vinnie Jones..) so when the chance came up to purchase the closest thing I could afford to his origin, I did!

Incredible Hulk #172 – Retelling the origin of Juggernaut.

Although his first appearance and origin appear in X-Men #12, Incredible Hulk #172 is noted as Juggernaut’s origin re-telling, with a small, page and a half re-cap on the character. This covers his origin and brings readers up to speed on what has happened since – defeated by the X-Men, banished to another dimension, battling Dr. Strange and Beast, made to believe he was rapidly ageing… hasn’t been a fun ride during Cain Marko’s earlier appearances!

Incredible Hulk #172 – The Hulk meets Juggernaut.

Incredible Hulk #172 was illustrated by Herb Trimpe who made his name on this run, would go on to become the first artist to draw Wolverine during his run on The Incredible Hulk, with the final panel on issue #180 and what is considered Wolverine’s first full appearance in Incredible Hulk #181.

Good Comic Deal

I am not a great grader of comics, which can probably be seen in my attempt to grade the detached, brittle cover copy of Avengers #14 as a 2 (Good). This copy of Incredible Hulk #172 is definitely in much better condition than that, but does have some obvious signs of wear and tear with colour breaks and corner creases, this could be a 4 (Very Good) to 5 (Very Good/Fine).

Incredible Hulk #172 – A little wear and tear..

With that in mind, I paid just over £10 (c.$12), with Comic Book Realm having a valuation around the aforementioned grades at $9 to $12 respectively. Sold eBay listings reveal a copy noted as being a 6 (Fine) condition has recently sold for $40 (£32).

As a fair assessment, I have probably paid just around fair market value, and as it is as close to a grail I will get for that kind of money, I have to say that Incredible Hulk #172 is a Good Comic Deal!

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