Mail Bag – Marvel Fanfare #12

One of the latest books I have picked up, as seen on the Mail Bag video on the Comic Deal YouTube channel was my attempt at a late stage “spec” or speculative buy.

Marvel Fanfare #12 is the second appearance and first cover appearance of a character hinted at in the Black Widow movie trailer – Iron Maiden.

Marvel Fanfare #12 – first cover appearance of Iron Maiden

First appearing in Marvel Fanfare #11, Iron Maiden aka Melina Vostokoff was an agent for the Russian government.

Overshadowed by Black Widow, Iron Maiden left the service of Russia to become a mercenary and assassin, often hired to take out the very woman she despised – Black Widow.

Marvel Fanfare #12 – Iron Maiden takes on Black Widow.

In the upcoming Black Widow movie, Rachel Weisz plays a character name Melina. Towards the end of the trailer, we see her open a secret compartment revealing the mask worn by Iron Maiden in the comics.

Could this hint at this character being the Iron Maiden, or is it merely an easter egg?

As well as being the first cover appearance of Iron Maiden, it is also the first appearance of another character, Snapdragon.

Both Iron Maiden and Snapdragon on to team with each other in the all female villain super-team, the Femizons.

Good Comic Deal

I paid a little over £4 for this issue however did not notice the massive big rip from the front cover which drastically reduces the value of this book.

Essentially, this has taught me to pay more attention to the sales page as looking back now it is obvious. I didn’t even notice this in the unboxing!

Marvel Fanfare #12 – What a TEARible purchase…

The issue itself does sell quite well as a minor key. Recent sales of $10 to $20, with CGC high graded copies reaching up to $80 to $90.

I therefore have to declare that this is not a good Comic Deal. Although a minor key with a first cover appearance, the unnoticed defect on the cover drops the value too much.

Lessons learned!

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