Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #7

Really hit the 90’s train with this double whammy of an unboxing. Nothing says the 1990’s like Rob Liefeld and “collectors” trading cards within one comic.

As always, with each unboxing, we will take a slightly closer look at what we have unearthed and give a few little nuggets of interesting information.

Avengers #385
Incredible Hulk # 482
Ghost Rider #39
Weapon X #4
X-Factor #112
Spectacular Spider-Man #222

Two many Peter Parker’s around back then.

Nothing noteworthy or of any value. My hunch was correct as I do indeed already have X-Factor #112. Ironically, Comic Book Realm has a higher value placed on a Ghost Rider #39 Marvel Legends toy reprint than that of the original.

A diverse Marvel selection in this unboxing, but all have the standard Comic Book Realm valuation of $3 to $4 that roughly translates in to, “You’ll be lucky to sell these for $1.

Superman : Man of Steel #63
Sovereign Seven #2

Harbringers #26

Nothing of note here, either. I did read this as being The New Harbringers but it turns out just to be an “homage” title of The New Mutants.

Team Youngblood #16

Not even a sealed polythene bag and a so-90’s-it-hurts “collectors” card raises this issue out of the dollar bin! Unboxing a still factory sealed book almost gave me hope.

Fresh, crisp, unopened bag of Liefeld goodness.

Good Comic Deal

As is the way with these things, you can easily hit a bad run of luck and that seems to be the case here. Horrible price stickers and not even a cool looking cover in this unboxing. It is therefore declared that this is not a good Comic Deal.

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