Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #6

Another apparent disappointing result in the latest unboxing. Nothing exciting to add to the comic collection and we would be hard pressed to label this a good comic but it’s time for the usual follow up!

Now more than ever I am looking forward to being able to physically peruse a actual brick and mortar comic shop for some little nuggets of joy, but in the mean time, I have utilised the usual resources to follow up on the books and take a closer look at what we received;

Brave and the Bold #162
Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2

Batman in World War 2 shenanigans!

Christmas with the Super-Heroes #2 features cover art by Stephen Destefano which definitely impressed me. The artist has quite a resume, working in animation on such shows as Ren & Stimpy, Earthworm Jim etc.

The book itself also contains standalone stories by writers and artists such as Dave Gibbons, John Byrne and Dick Giordano so will definitely be worth a read, even as a non DC fan.

Both of these books have a Comic Book Realm valuation of about $6 with eBay sold listings ranging from £1 (c.$1) to £7 (c.$9)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Chain Gang War #2
Who’s Who : The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #11

Nothing special here with both books being typical dollar/pound bin fodder.

Marvel Two-In-One #78

Not really worth the “tens” written all over this!

The original owner of this book clearly peeked in to the future to see this issue would hold no value and decided to use it as a practice page for writing the number ten. I imagine this issue would barely even make it to the dollar/pound bin.

Good Comic Deal

Like before, nothing too exciting coming out of this unboxing, and although Christmas anthologies are always fun, it is definitely isn’t that lesser known key we all hope to find!

There were also a couple UK priced variants which are typically valued considerably less than their US counterparts.

Value wise and considering quality grade and price variants, barely evens. So I am declaring that this mystery box is not a good Comic Deal!

On the plus side, come December, I’ll have a fun little DC anthology to read before Santa pays us a visit!

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