Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #5

Unfortunately, not a return to form with the latest unboxing from Silver Acre, which is always the risk.

Not an awful lot to break down or look deeper in to, with basically every book having a Comic Book Realm estimation of $3, which seems to be a standard, slightly over original retail, estimation. In reality, these will probably be found in the back issue boxes for a pound / dollar or two.

Captain America #390
Avengers #352
Marvel Comics Presents #51

A few different sources point to Captain America #390 as being the first full appearance of Superia, the leader of the Femizons in this iteration, although I believe the character smaller, cameo like appearances in earlier issues of this story-line.

Includes first full appearance of Superia.

Justice League America #61

Something to note, which I did not pick up on during the unboxing due to my incredibly lacklustre knowledge on all things DC, is the cover is a direct homage to the first Justice League of America issue.

Homage cover.

Wildcats Adventures #1

Good Comic Deal

Not this time. Nothing even grabbed me from a personal perspective like we have found in the previous unboxings, this was not a great unboxing and adds little to my comic collection.

This is to be expected and I imagine more often than not is the outcome. I’ll definitely have a few more unboxings from Silver Acre in the near future, so let’s hope the quality of our finds increase!

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