Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #4

A slight change to the previous two unboxings, I have returned to an older seller I had purchased from before for this unboxing – Contrast Comics. This truly is mystery grab bag with absolutely no indication on what you will receive, except the possibility to land a few high valued keys and CGC Graded books.

Unfortunately, like the first time, I scored none of the above! Let’s break down what I got and whether or not this was a good Comic Deal.

The Incredible Hulk #240
Daredevil #295

The Marvel selection didn’t offer up any keys or surprise books, with Comic Book Realm values at $8 and $4 respectively, however eBay sold listings show both issues have been selling for less than a pound or two, so again, probably your typical dollar / pound bin finds. Having said that, I do like the contrasting purple on the Hulk cover!

Hulk shares my reaction to the unboxing!

Upon closer inspection, the Hulk #240 is not in the best shape and would probably land a low mid range

Ninjak #1 – Signed by Joe Quesada

Comic Book Realm values the standard issue at $6 with a gold labelled variant valued between $18 to $40 across Comic Book Realm and Key Collector App. Unsigned standard editions have sold on eBay for less than £5 (c.$6) and an issue that has both Joe Quesada and Jimmy Paliotti signatures, similarly with no certificate of authenticity, sold for $30 a few years back.

In the video, I did question the authenticity of Joe Quesada’s signature, however after reviewing similar books around the same time period (Quesada signed with the year and I believe this copy is signed “’94”) it would appear to match. More modern versions of his signature do appear to have “matured” and are a lot cleaner, but this signature would appear true to the time period.

Probably signed by Joe Quesada.

Ninjak did appear in a YouTube series that was then used to promote the Vin Diesel Bloodshot movie, although this does not appear to have changed the valuation of the issue. With an unverified signature, and little data to go on, I would have to say the book would be worth no more than $10 to $15 (c.£8 to £12) tops.

Good Comic Deal

This time, I am going to have to say No! this was not a good comic deal, in both furthering my collection or valuation wise. A £15 spend netting me an approximate top end valuation of £14 worth of comics isn’t great.

Adding another signed book to my comic collection isn’t bad, and Joe Quesada being the former Chief Creative Officer and current Creative Director and Marvel Entertainment is definitely a nice signature to have on a book he created, the character Ninjak just isn’t that well known.

Not a complete dud but we all live in hope of landing that big book, especially if it is listed as a possibility in these grab bags! I’ll have more unboxing videos in the coming weeks, with more from the likes of Silver Acre!

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