Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #3

Another decent mystery box from Silver Acre Comics and Collectables, so I am going to break down in a little more detail what I got and highlight one or two of the better comics within!

Definitely a good little pack to open and I was more than happy to add these to my comic collection.

Justice League Task Force #16
Teen Titans Spotlight #9 The Changeling
Superman The Man of Steel #55

As with the last bag, really a lot of filler issues on the DC front, with the standard Comic Book Realm valuation of $3 for them all except Teen Titans Spotlight, which held a $4 valuation. Again, standard pound/dollar bin finds.

Extreme #0 San Diego Comic-Con Edition

This held the biggest valuation so far, with both Comic Book Realm and Key Collector App listing it at $20 (although the Key Collector App only had the none Comic-Con variant). eBay sales over the last few months seem to be between $29 to $51 (c.£23 to £41) so in terms of value for money, this worked out alright.

90’s Rob Liefeld, got to admire the creativity.

The issue itself is a collection of previews of titles released by Extreme Studios, Rob Liefelds studio within Image Comics.

Giant Size Captain Marvel #1

A beautiful issue, it was obvious I thought this to be the best of the bunch in the unboxing (despite butchering the characters real identity!!) there is something about the simplicity of the cover by Mark D. Bright that appeals to me, and it looks even better now it is freshly bagged and boarded. Definitely a nice looking issue to add to my comic collection.

Monica Rambeau as Captain Marvel… and not Maria Lambeau…

Comic Book Realm has a valuation of $4, however eBay sales seem to range up to about $30 (c.£24), however a CGC Graded 9.6 copy did sell in February 2019 for $27 (c.£21).

Good Comic Deal?

Valuation wise, it is safe to say I did alright with this unboxing. It definitely produced a decent book from a monetary stand point with Extreme #0 and a fantastic looking Giant Size Captain Marvel #1.

Looks like Silver Acre Comics and Collectables mystery bags have produced a winner again, so I may be due a dud any time soon! I have a few more arriving in the near future so fingers crossed!

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