Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #20

Two £15 mystery boxes unboxed for your viewing pleasure and to celebrate twenty unboxings on the channel!!

Let’s take a look at the value based on current sales data from UK and USA on eBay!


X-Force #4 (Spider-Villains Variant)
No sales data available.

The Avengers #8 (Cosmic Ghost Rider Vs Variant)
CGC 9.8s have sold for between £15 to £30.

Uncanny X-Men #4 (Action Figure Variant)
CGC 9.8 has sold for £18.

Iron Age 2020 #1
Sold for £2 to £3.

Red Goblin Red Death #1 (Logan Lubera Variant)
Sold for £2

Fantastic Four – 4 Yancy Street #1 (Stonehouse Variant)
Sold for £2

Secret Wars : Battleworld #1 (Action Figure Variant)
Sold for £1 to £5

Fantastic Four #587 (Polybagged Variant)
Has a secret signed variant randomly inserted in to polybag…. value… UNKNOWN!


The Wild Storm #24
No sales data available.

Justice League Odyssey #13 (Parrillo Variant)
Sold for £1 to £3.

Doom Patrol : Weight of the Worlds #2
Sold for £1

Deathstroke #38 (Variant)
Sold for £1

Good Comic Deal?

We didn’t land any of the top hits and the sales data would suggest that the value is not there and as such, this was NOT a Good Comic Deal!

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