Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #2

From now on, I am going to start posting a follow up post for each mystery box video I produce with any interesting nuggets found within the unboxing that wasn’t obvious at the time of the recording.

Within this, I will try to provide fair market value for each comic unboxed, utilising the likes of Comic Book Realm and the Key Collector App, as well as any recent sales or even listings sourced from eBay, both UK and further afield.

Using this information, I can then determine if we have made a good Comic Deal!

As the first unboxing was fairly disappointing, and expectantly so, I am not going to do a follow up post on that one, and instead begin with Mystery Box #2 from Silver Acre Comics and Collectables.

Batman : Shadow of the Bat #62
Justice League International #57
Teen Titans Spotlight #15 The Omega Men

Nothing special with the DC finds, pretty standard pound/dollar bin finds.

Marvel Age #25

This appears to be the fourth overall appearance of Rocket Racoon, and Comic Book Realm has a value of $5. eBay sold listings seem to support this valuation, ranging between $3 to $6.

Fourth overall appearance of Rocket Racoon

Not a bad book to add to my comic collection and definitely helps make this mystery box a good Comic Deal.

Continuity Comics
Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future #1b (Direct sale variant)

This intrigued me the most during the unboxing as it wasn’t a series I had heard of before. A little research reveals Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was a live-action television show in the late eighties, lasting one series. It was targeted at children to sell a toy line that interacted with the television series, however had adult romantic story-lines to appeal to the parents watching alongside their kids! J. Michael Straczynski was even the head writer on the series, and acted as the story consultant for the comic book, which is illustrated by Neal Adams. Some big names involved in this franchise!

A television show to sell toys.. so why not a comic, too?!

Comic Book Realm values this issue at $4, although usually $3 or $4 is the lowest valuation the site provides, and eBay sold listings look to be around the $2 to $4 value.

Good Comic Deal?

With an approximate valuation of no more than $10 (c.£8) and paying no more than £5 (c.$6) I would consider this mystery box to be a fairly decent Comic Deal. Again, it isn’t necessarily all about the value, and I enjoyed reading Captain Power and it’s late 80’s cliches! Overall, I am happy with this purchase and will have a few more mystery boxes from Silver Acre to unbox in the near future!

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