Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #15

A return to Silver Acre comics for our fifteenth unboxing.

The box ended up being 100% DC Comics, which as you probably already know, is not what I was looking for!

Additionally, it was limited to two bronze age issues, with the rest being modern books.

Let’s take a look and see if there are any surprises in there!


The Man of Steel #1 (“Collector’s Edition” Chest Variant)

Probably the best of the bunch, a neat looking variant and the first appearance and origin of “post-crisis” Superman.

his is definitely a lower grade copy with sticker residue. In this condition, probably a £2 valuation, unfortunately.

The Brave and the Bold #157

The Witching Hour #83

The two bronze age titles, in varied condition and a bit of rust on the lower staple for the former. Both titles are also UK price variants. Comic Book Realm has them at $10 and $14 respectively, largely based on age. Again, I would estimate about £2 to £3 if I was lucky.

The Adventures of Superman #522

Superman #76

A couple of my favourite books of all time… 1990’s Superman titles!! Sarcasm aside, these have standard back issue valuations, although Superman #76 is part four of “Funeral For a Friend” storyline.

Batman #492

This is Knightfall Part 1 which is well known for Bane breaking the back of Batman. What Knightfall Part 1 isn’t well known for is an incredibly creased copy of the issue! Worthless!

Doctor Fate #39

Chain Gang War #2

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #324

Nothing noteworthy and would be regulars in your local dollar bin box!

Good Comic Deal?

At £5.99 and knowing these won’t be high grade, you have to know exactly what you are expecting. With that said, a comic creased in four or five places throughout does seem a little excessive. That’s the chance you take. Value wise, I imagine £5.99 is more than likely the fair market value. As these where all DC books, however, I have to declare that this was NOT a good Comic Deal!

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