Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #14

I really liked this mystery box from Prehistoric Comics UK. It was definitely a good box for a face reveal video, too!!

Let’s take a look at those books and see what sort of value is there!


Spider-Man 2099 #1 (2019 one shot)

I love me some Miguel O’Hara so was pleased with this book. Value at about cover price – $4.99

Spider-Geddon #0 (In-Hyuk Lee Variant)

A lovely connecting cover variant from In-Hyuk Lee. Again, raw would sell at cover price or a little less, $4.99. Graded 9.8’s are going for up to about $40.

Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

The Immortal Hulk #31

Another two fantastic looking books. These would currently be selling for around cover price at $4.99.

Spider-Woman #1 (2020 – Chip Kidd Die-Cut Variant)

CGC 9.8’s have sold for up $50 but raw would still be about cover price. A fantastic looking variant, though!


Green Lantern #0

The 1990’s will never have to apologise for shiny comic covers. This one is an instant hit! I cannot see any individual sold listings on first glance, but Comic Book Realm themselves have a value of $4 on this one.

Good Comic Deal?

This mystery box from Prehistoric Comics UK cost £15 delivered. Cover price, the books are already worth the price and they are some good looking books with some great variants. This is definitely a good Comic Deal!

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