Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #13


It’s a birthday present.
This was a gift from my wife.


It’s the thirteenth mystery box unboxing on the channel.
This is from a random eBay seller I haven’t seen before.

Most importantly, this is always going to be a good Comic Deal however let’s take a look and see!


Squadron Supreme : Hyperion vs Nighthawk #1 to #4

Werewolf by Night (Vol. 2) #6

Regular cover price valuation on Comic Book Realm therefore, realistically, can be picked up at a £1 an issue.

Werewolves and Ghost Riders.


The Programme #4 to #6

Cover price valuations however this looks like a neat story so will definitely be diving in to this.

Devils Due Publishing

Dragon Lance Chronincles (Various issues)

So… this is actually different issues from three different volumes and therefore not a almost complete run. All valued at cover price so you get the idea!

Not 100% sure but I believe Dragon Lance is a table top RPG franchise.

Dragon Lance Chronicles Dragons of Winter Night – needs a longer subtitle.

Image Comics

Backlash #11, #13, #15, #21 and #23

90’s Image Comics to the max with this lot, moreover, value wise it’s the same as above.

Dark Horse Comics

Sir Edward Grey, Witchfinder : Lost and Gone Forever #3

Nothing special however it is a cool looking book that I’ll dive in to soon!

Sir Edward Grey is a Witchfinder!


Singularity 7 #3

We round up the twenty titles with another cover price valued book.

Good Comic Deal

Receiving something you love from someone you love cannot be beaten, so in conclussion, as stated, this was a good Comic Deal!

Plus, if I say anything bad about it, my wife will kill me!!

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