Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #12

This looks to be a pretty good mystery box but at £55, is the value there? Has Comic Deal let itself down with an over expensive purchase?

Let’s sit back and dig a little deeper!


Mister Miracle #20

This is from 1977 and Comic Book Realm have their standard value price at $12. In reality, however, eBay listings show this is being sold for no more than £5.

Mister Miracle #20 – do we need a miracle for this mystery box to be worth it?!


Royals #1 – 9.6 CGC Signature Series – signed by artist Jonboy Meyers

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of data out there for a CGC Signature Series to clarify a price. A standard 9.6 has a fair market value of $14.

I wasn’t aware of Jonboy Meyers until I did a little research after the video. It appears he is quite a prolific artist at the moment, so that may add value.

Spider-Man #21

Currently for sale on eBay priced up to £3.45. In my opinion however, it is a nifty little Larsen cover!

Black Goliath #3

This is a UK 10p price variant from 1976. Good old Comic Book Realm have a high grade copy valued at $16. However, a recent 10p edition sold for just £4.49 on eBay.

Daredevil #56

This was the silver age issue from the box, dated 1969. Comic Book Realm note this as the 1st appearance of Death’s Head and quote a high grade value of $60. Similarly, as a minor key, Key Collector App have a high grade value at $40 and mid grade at $10. eBay sales figures range from as low as £3 up to £15.

Daredevil #56 – Not a bad silver age book!

Good Comic Deal?

Although this looked good during the unboxing, including a Jonboy Meyers signed slab, when you get down to the nitty gritty, the value just isn’t there. Which, in fairness, is to be expected for CGC mystery boxes selling for £55.

In conclusion, I reluctantly declare this was NOT a good Comic Deal.

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