Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #11

Aside from receiving eleven books instead of ten, there didn’t immediately appear to be any “wins”.

But that is just my thought, let’s take a look at each book below!


Justice League Spectacular #1

This book was in the worst condition by far. An unattached staple and a tear along the cover fold. This is labelled as a “Cover B” featuring Green Lantern as opposed to Superman on the regular cover.

Captain Atom #37

Legion ’91 #30

Justice League Europe #10

Superman The Man of Steel #60

Batman : Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #6

All the DC books listed within Comic Book Realm as more or less $3, translating to regular back issue pricing.

The only take away is I do love the Captain Atom cover!

Captain Atom #37 – Best looking of a bad bunch!?


The Silver Surfer #84

The Spectacular Spider-Man #221

Fantastic Four 2099 #4

The Thing #5

The results are the same for the Marvel batch, regular back issue pricing, folks!

Silver Surfer #84 – Please take the scary man away, mummy, I don’t like him!


The Legend of Supreme #3

Following a trend, sale standard valuation for the lone Image title.

Good Comic Deal?

Although this only cost me £7 delivered, it hasn’t produced the goods we love to see here at Comic Deal! Condition wasn’t great on some of the books and we didn’t land any key issues – although we did score a ripped first issue.

With the exception of Captain Atom #37 nothing jumped out as looking that interesting. I therefore declare this was NOT a good Comic Deal!

Until next time, folks.. happy hunting!

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