Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #10

The peeps over at Comic Mystery Box UK certainly delivered in a big way, with some fantastic looking variant covers.

Their own valuations put the box slightly over the £30 paid. Let’s take a look at the books in a little more detail and see what we have!


DCeased #1 (Dan Quintana Limited Edition Comix variant)

Limited data on this one, but there were pre-sales prior to launch in 2019 going for $29 (£22).

DCeased #2 (Jay Anacleto Unknown Comics variant)

Comic Book Realm value this at $20 (£15) with eBay sales around $25 (£19). Value noted on book was £15+

DCeased #2 – black and white variant!

DCeased #2 (John Giang Comics Elite variant)

Comic Book Realm have a value of $15 (£11). Hard to track down an eBay sold listing for the single raw book, so we will say $10. Value noted on book is £10+.

The Joker – Year of the Villain #1 (Simone Bianchi Comics Elite trade dress variant)

Unfortunately, I cannot find much details, with no listing on Comic Book Realm. There is little data on eBay sold listings for the raw book on it’s own. Value noted on book is £10+

The Joker – Year of the Villain – beautiful variant!

DK3 – The Master Race #1 (Babs Tarr ComiXposure variant)

Valued at $12 (£9) on Comic Book Realm with copies sold on eBay for between $20 to $30 (£15 to £22).

Joker : Year of the Villain is co-written by John Carpenter and DCeased #2 includes the 1st appearance of an alternative reality Black Canary as a Green Lantern.


Star Wars : Shattered Empire #3 (Julian Totino Tedesco Disposable Heroes variant)

Value is noted on the book at less than £5, however Comic Book Realm are showing a value of $20 (£15). eBay sold listings suggest about the same, with sales up to that $20 mark.

Star Wars : Shattered Empire variant!

Excalibur #7 (Ben Oliver Gwen Stacy variant)

Noted as less than £5, this time Comic Book Realm appears to be in agreement, noting the value as $4 (£3), basically cover price. No eBay sold listings could be found.

Shattered Empire #3 may be the dark horse in terms of valuation and by far the biggest surprise of the bunch!


Vampirella #9 (Fay Dalton variant)

Comic Book Realm has this listed for cover price value, $4 (£3) with the book being noted as less than £5. Again, nothing found on eBay sold listings.

A great box from an established provider of mystery boxes in the UK. They are probably the only company I have seen that comes close to the US comic mystery box scene.

Some beautiful variants in there, with the black and white sketch DCeased #2 and the Star Wars : Shattered Empire #3 being two of my favourites!

Good Comic Deal?

With a total value of approx. £70 to £80 and a spend of £30, this has definitely been a Good Comic Deal! Although I am not a huge D.C fan, I do enjoy the variant cover scene (even if some of these books have upwards of ten to twenty variants!!) and am always happy to land a black and white / sketch variant.

And how could we forget the awesome print from Aquemini Arts!

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