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I have been lucky enough to land a few mid-range key issues at rock bottom prices on eBay, some of which I will highlight throughout my blog posts. The world has become so much more technically inclined over the last few years, that it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to find the actual value of a book, it’s harder and harder to find good deals online, however I thought I would give a quick round up of some of the tips I utilise when searching comic deals on a budget.

Misspelled Auctions
This tip doesn’t always pay off, but occasionally you’ll find a nice comic book that has a spelling error in the title. A lot of buyers will search for that specific name, and as such, misspelled listings can slip through the cracks, giving you a great chance to sweep it up and a good price. A simple search on google and you’ll be able to find a plethora of sites specialising in searching misspelled listings.

Charity Listings
A lot of charity outlets, in both the UK and US, now have online presences, with eBay being the home to many. As with the brick and mortar shops, you will find plenty of comic books being donated, you can often find that grail you’ve been hunting for. I think a lot of collectors and dealers have twigged on to this method, as I have seen some individual issues and bulk collections sell for a lot more than i’d be willing to pay. However, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a chance to get lucky with some of the smaller, less followed charities on eBay.

It is often a good idea, when searching for specific issues or terms, to change the category to “All”. This will help find any comics you’re interested in that have been put in a wrong or different category than expected. I have managed to land a comic lot for under £5 that contained a hot key issue with an approximate value of over £60. I’ll highlight this book in a later blog post!

Try a few of these tips out and see if it helps you score that personal grail or gets you that key book for less than expected! Let me know in the comments if any of these have worked, or any other top tips you have!

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