Captain Marvel #2 – Mail Bag

Another lovely little low grade purchase, this time – Captain Marvel #2 from 1968!


Volume one of Captain Marvel continues the story from Marvel Super-Heroes #13 with our hero battling the robotic Sentry. Issue one of the standalone series has Mar-Vell being victorious but comes to the attention of the Skrulls.

Captain Marvel #2 – That Skrull is Super

Pondering what their enemies are up to, the Super Skrull is called back in to action. His mission, to find Captain Marvel and kill him.

This is part of a classic story from Roy Thomas and features fantastic art by Gene Colan. It is in this series we learn about the century long feud between the Kree and the Skrulls.

Captain Marvel #2

Marvel at that price!

I obtained the book from eBay and paid a grand total of £2.70 (c.$3.55) plus postage. The seller did not attempt to a grade but noted age related wear. In the Mail Bag Video I highlighted some of the obvious issues.

Captain Marvel #2 – Creased but not deceased!

I am trying to get better at grading myself and would estimate a VG 4 to VG/FN 5 at best. Based on Comic Book Realm valuations, this would put the book at about $25 valuation. eBay sold listings appear to be in the same area – $20 to $30.

Good Comic Deal?!

Without a doubt, this is a sweet little book to have. I love nothing more than giving low grade copies a nice home and at purchased for less than $4, this is a Good Comic Deal!

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