Mail Bag – Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1

Comic collecting comes in many forms, and as previously pointed out, collecting what makes I love is definitely one of my favourite ways to approach the hobby. Nothing makes me happier than picking up a book from a lesser known franchise, one that has spawned cartoon series, video games, countless reprints etc. A franchise that I loved from way back when. Welcome to Cadillacs and Dinosaurs!

Beginning in the mid to late 80’s and created by Mark Schultz, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs began life as Xenozoic!, a story in horror anthology Death Rattle #8 from Kitchen Sink Press, and is considered the first appearance of “Xenozoic Tales”. The stories continued in their own series Xenozoic Tales, sporadically published by Kitchen Sink Press, from 1987 right through to 1996, spanning fourteen issues.

In 1990, under their Epic Comics imprint, Marvel Comics reprinted the Xenozoic Tales in colour, re-titling the series “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs”.

Roarsome action in Topps Comics Cadillacs and Dinosaurs!

The reprints only ran for six issues and ceased in 1991 however in 1994 Topps Comics began running their own series, still under the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs name. These brand new stories where a continuation of the original Xenozoic Tales, taking place between the existing issues and story-lines. Unfortunately, once again the series only ran for a short number of issues, ceasing production with issue nine.

With Earth ravaged by pollution and natural disasters, humanity builds underground cities for survival. When humanity re-emerge five hundred years later, they discovered the world had been reclaimed by previously extinct lifeforms. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs tells the stories of mechanic Jack Tenrec (specialising in Cadillac restorations) and scientist Hannah Dundee, as they traverse the new Xenozoic era landscape.

As you would expect, the series has plenty of cadillacs getting chased by dinosaurs and as a fan from the 90’s, I am very pleased with my newest addition.

Good Comic Deal?

When it comes to buying what you love, value can be subjective. Although, I still try ensure I am not paying over the odds for passion purchases! This muddies the water when trying to decide whether or not I’ve made a good comic deal.

Being from 1994, this Topps Comics #1 is a “Collector’s Foil Edition” and is technically issue one of the second volume, it doesn’t hold much value, with Comic Book Realm listing it at $6 (£4.78) and the only real eBay sold listings I can see are around £5 ($6.27).

Of course, items such as Death Rattle #8 seems to be valued around $18 (£14.35) and is definitely on my radar to add to my collection!

I paid £5 for this issue, including postage, so probably paid fair market value. It is definitely in good condition, possibly a 8.0 – Very Fine.

Therefore, adding this little beauty to my comic collection, I can firmly say this is a good Comic Deal!

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