Avengers #14

Recently, I have been seeking out affordable copies of silver age classics such as The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man. With a lower price tag also comes a lower grade, however when I set my eyes on this little beauty, I knew I wanted it.

Avengers #14… looks a little beat up..

At first glance, it looks a little rough with missing corners, but the cover still looked vibrant enough. The next photo within the eBay listing made me fall in love it even more…

Avengers #14… it’s all falling apart!

It was clear to see why this was getting very little bids for an early Avengers issue.

Avengers #14 was published in March 1965, meaning it has just passed its 55th year in existence. With a story by Stan Lee, and a cover by Jack Kirby, I knew I had to have it.

If I had to guess, this would probably grade as between a 1 (Fair) to 2 (Good) at best. I usually use Comic Book Realm app to give me a ball park figure on value of comics, and they had this listed as about $13 to $31 at the aforementioned grades (approximately £10 to £24). They also listed this as the first time the term “Avengers Assemble” is used within the Avengers series, albeit shouted by Thor, however more research has shown this to be in an earlier issue.

Winning the auction at £5.50 (circa $6) plus postage, I was pleased that I would finally own my earliest, oldest Marvel comic.

Upon inspection when I received it, the cover was very brittle, and chipping all over the place. Unfortunately, once I got it in to a newer bag and boarded it, it was a little worse off than when I had bought it!

However, now it’s in its new bag, I don’t intend to take it back out, and may actually frame it in the near future. It still looks really sharp and I am proud to give it a new home.

Good Comic Deal?

Purchased for £5.50, with lower end estimate at £10, and recent eBay sales between £6 an £60 (albeit some in higher grades), I can safely say I am more than happy to declare this a Comic Deal

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