Month: August 2020

Captain Marvel #2 – Mail Bag

Another lovely little low grade purchase, this time – Captain Marvel #2 from 1968! Mar-Vellous Volume one of Captain Marvel continues the story from Marvel Super-Heroes #13 with our hero battling the robotic Sentry. Issue one of the standalone series has Mar-Vell being victorious but comes to the attention of the Skrulls. Pondering what their

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #11

Aside from receiving eleven books instead of ten, there didn’t immediately appear to be any “wins”. But that is just my thought, let’s take a look at each book below! DC Justice League Spectacular #1 This book was in the worst condition by far. An unattached staple and a tear along the cover fold. This

Mystery Box – Unboxing #11

Returning to eBay to source another mystery box slash grab bag! This promises a variety of titles across various publishers. The ten books possibly including keys or issue ones! Check back in a few days for our patented follow up post as we dissect the grab bag!

Miles Morales!

Comic Deal’s foray in to the Miles Morales spec bubble! The current trend in comic collecting values ties very closely to other media; movie releases, video games etc. One of the hottest characters right now is Miles Morales. All kinds of key books featuring Miles are really heating up. One look at the current value

Mystery Box – Unboxing #10

The tenth mystery box unboxing goes big with a round 7 box from Comic Mystery Box UK! Comic Mystery Box UK promise eight books, either variants or keys. Additionally, they partner up with new and emerging artists. Prints from the artists range are provided in the box! Come back in a couple days for the