Month: July 2020

Mystery Box – Unboxing #8

We go a totally different path with this unboxing. A random seller on eBay with a DC Comics Mystery Box. Five random DC Comics issues and a small assortment of cute superhero stickers! Who could resist?! I thought this may have been a good way to expand the DC Comics knowledge base! As always, I

Mail Bag – Marvel Fanfare #12

One of the latest books I have picked up, as seen on the Mail Bag video on the Comic Deal YouTube channel was my attempt at a late stage “spec” or speculative buy. Marvel Fanfare #12 is the second appearance and first cover appearance of a character hinted at in the Black Widow movie trailer

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #7

Really hit the 90’s train with this double whammy of an unboxing. Nothing says the 1990’s like Rob Liefeld and “collectors” trading cards within one comic. As always, with each unboxing, we will take a slightly closer look at what we have unearthed and give a few little nuggets of interesting information. MarvelAvengers #385Incredible Hulk

Mail Bag – X-Men #1 (1991)

When you think about what comic book EVERYONE is going to have in their collection, books like X-Force #1, X-Men #1 etc. always spring to mind. Ironically, I have neither – or rather, had neither. As of last week, I officially purchased two copies of the hottest book from 1991, X-Men #1. Launched as a

Mystery Box – Unboxing #7

Time to do a double unboxing, from the usual Silver Acre pack of five. What lovely gems will we encounter from this unboxing? As always, be sure to check out the follow up unboxing post, were we have dig a little bit deeper in to the finds from this unboxing. Leave a comment with any

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #6

Another apparent disappointing result in the latest unboxing. Nothing exciting to add to the comic collection and we would be hard pressed to label this a good comic but it’s time for the usual follow up! Now more than ever I am looking forward to being able to physically peruse a actual brick and mortar

Mystery – Box Unboxing #6

What was meant to be a slightly different unboxing from from Silver Acre Comics and Collectables has turned out to be somewhat similar to the last one! Be sure to check out the unboxing follow up post in the coming days and see if there is anything noteworthy from this unboxing! If you have any

Mail Bag – The Incredible Hulk #172

During one of my mail bag openings on the YouTube channel, I cracked open a low grade mini-grail of mine, Incredible Hulk #127. I have always been a huge fan of Juggernaut as a character, in all his iterations (yes, even Vinnie Jones..) so when the chance came up to purchase the closest thing I

Follow Up – Mystery Box Unboxing #5

Unfortunately, not a return to form with the latest unboxing from Silver Acre, which is always the risk. Not an awful lot to break down or look deeper in to, with basically every book having a Comic Book Realm estimation of $3, which seems to be a standard, slightly over original retail, estimation. In reality,

Mystery Box – Unboxing #5

Comic Deal have returned to the pack of five comics from Silver Acre Comics and Collectables. I think this is a fairly inexpensive way to bulk up the comic collection while landing a few minor keys. Will the trend of decent finds continue or will it all come to an end? Will I land some